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Naif Quality Baby Care - picture: Naif Quality Baby Care


So many of us here in Holland grew up with certain baby care products and still remember the smell. It brings back memories of long summer days and the baths we took before going to bed at night, washing away all the sand and our moms combing our soft clean hair. It smelled tender and safe and in a way so very old fashioned.

When I was pregnant with our first one, it thus seemed logical to buy the entire baby line and display it in the bathroom. Right before I did so a friend of mine told me that a growing number of experts in this specific area were expressing certain doubts as to the exact ingredients and their (possible) harmful effects of many existing (and popular!) baby care products.

All of a sudden the one-time hideous slogan ‘only the best for your children’ became applicable to my own situation so I thought it wise to at least explore these rumors a bit more.
I would be lying if I told you I did a thorough investigation but I did read quite a lot and spoke to several experienced mommies. It turned out that most of the time, people just buy certain products because they simply smell good and/or reminded them of their own youth. So was that me as well?
Believe it or not, at about that very same time, we received a few samples of a new baby care brand, Naïf. The founders, two young fathers, had actually done an immense amount of research to find out exactly what ingredients are and aren’t harmful when it comes to safe baby care, and developed a whole new line of baby care products, in cooperation with numerous dermatologists and a Swiss laboratory: Naïf Quality Baby Care.

Simple yet attractive packaging, a clear and honest list of ingredients and a subtle, lovely scent.

Naif products

Naif products – picture: Naif Quality Baby Care

And lovely it is! We were hooked after the first time we ever used it. The shampoo is gentle and does not make Alba cry when it accidently gets into her eyes, the body lotion is mild enough to even put it on her face every now and then, and the milky bath oil is extremely soft and does not leave a greasy film on her skin (or clothes, for that matter).
Now that she is older we are also using the wash gel, which smells divine; she does not even notice it when she splashes it into her eyes while it still manages to wash away all the dirt after a day at the park.
And we are actually using the products ourselves as well!
Naïf is constantly developing new products; they now have soothing baby oil and diaper cream as well, and they are working on sunscreen.
And as of now they sell smaller travel kits as well: perfect for your trips!

Naif Baby Travel Kit

Naif Baby Travel Kit – picture: Naif Quality Baby Care

Honestly, I am still very happy that I came across a brand that actually cares about being harmless to your baby’s tender skin and smells great nonetheless.
Naïf is available at a growing number of boutiques and upscale shops (in the Netherlands as well as abroad!), but it’s also easily ordered through their website.
Go get it!

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