Posted on by Felicia da Costa

So what do you do while waiting for baby number two to pop out?
You shop.

That is to say: I try to shop. Which is hard, since we don’t know the sex. Yup, you heard it: we don’t know whether this baby will be a boy or a girl. Honestly! So no shopping for pink or blue-ish baby clothes, no ballerina’s or little Nikes, nothing… However, I am always looking for cute, original and fun items for our kids, and I must say that is quite a task. I am not the one for print, so that narrows down the options to about one tenth of the entire offer, but I like exploring the internet and getting tips from friends.
Just the other day I came across this nice webshop, owned by a sweet girl who has recently had a baby girl herself: Pequenito. Initially she mainly focussed on clothing for premature babies, but now she offers sizes up to two years, and a nice selection of gifts as well. I have just ordered some items for our almost-here-baby as Alba is too big already, and I cannot wait!

                          PRESS RELEASE PEQUENITO 2015                              


PEQUENITO offers high quality baby clothing and lovely gifts.

Looking for the right gift for newborns takes up time and energy. We have the solution!
PEQUENITO’s maternity baby boxes have been put together with lots of love and care.
But you can also select items yourself: anything is possible!
Just send us your selection and we will make sure the gifts will be nicely wrapped and delivered …

Our many brands are known for their high quality; Petit Bateau is a good example, as is the adorable Spanish brand Piu et Nau: basic, elegant, practical and very comfortable baby clothing.

PEQUENITO also offers a sweet selection of the famous Jellycat soft toys: cute, silly and irresistibly cuddly!

Our selection of baby clothing starts at premature size 32 all the way up to 2 year olds.
New in: one of a kind maternity baby boxes