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And so the waiting game has begun.
All of a sudden my due date is only two weeks away and I have this feeling that baby number two might not feel like waiting another fourteen days…

We went to this amazing wedding yesterday and that might have triggered something, as I feel incredibly heavy and slow today. Who knows! Maybe not the best idea in the world to attend a wedding that close to the due date, but we were really looking forward and it sort of felt like I needed to ‘go out with a bang’ before retrieving to my cocoon. And boy, did we have fun!

As the bride works at Vogue, she quite knows how to organize a classy party, but still we were amazed by the amount of beautiful flowers, well dressed waiters, the extremely beautiful venues, the cool cocktails and, last but certainly not least, her stunning Jan Taminiau wedding dress…

Picture bij RVDA

Picture bij RVDA


Both dinner and party took place in these amazing gardens and woods, and everything literally looked like a fairy tale. I had been looking for an appropriate dress for weeks (and trust me, that is not easy to find, being 38 weeks pregnant and trying on long dresses during hot summer days) but finally found a Herve Leger-like black stretchy dress, which felt comfortable yet chique. And as I walked around in my high heels (so not ready to leave them at home yet…), feeling the hot summer sun on my bare arms and enjoying every second and every detail, I forgot for a moment that I was dragging all those extra kilos with me and actually felt light and graceful again.

I can tell you, every part of my body aches as I am writing this, but it was SO worth it!
So thank you, Nick and Lilian, for an amazing, unforgettable and special day and night…
Let the Baby Games begin!


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