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When Alba was born, I remember getting so many tips on what books to read, what websites to check out and what magazines to subscribe to, all focussing on parenthood and how-to-get-through-the-first-few-months, that I literally froze. Everyone seemed to have a different opinion on everything, so how on earth was I going to find the guidelines on our new baby?? I won’t go into detail but let me just say I literally used some of the books to stir up the fire in our fireplace…

After a while, though, once we got the hang of it ( or at least a bit), I found myself looking for easy, day-to-day tips and tricks on certain how-to’s and ‘what to do if’s’. While there were –again- many books to choose from, I kept returning to this Dutch book: Buskruit met Muisjes (which refers to the treat we serve here in Holland once a baby is born, which is called a ‘beschuit’- biscuit-, a word they appropriately replaced with ‘buskruit’-gunpowder, as that is obviously more the case during those first few months).
It is a fun, no bullshit book, with all sorts of funny anecdotes, tips and suggestions, without trying to be obnoxious or smarty. Some parts might be I bit too Dutch for your liking, but it is nice to have all the basics at hand, often accompanied by fun pictures by Hanmade. So even if you don’t read Dutch, it is quite clear what (not) to do in certain cases.
As the three authors are all no nonsense and mom to at least three kids themselves, I find all their information quite trustworthy and useful.
Rumour has it the book will be translated in English soon!


Ps. No worries if you need tips on Toddlers: check out their second book ‘Buskruit met Peuters’, which focuses on that!



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