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It’s a boy…It’s a BOY… IT’S A BOY!!!
We were- and still are- over the moon with the newest addition to our family: George!
I won’t bore you with the details, but after a long, long day of waiting, not being allowed to eat or drink anything at all, and being very anxious, we finally got the green light to proceed to the operating room. I remember it being very cold, and everything around me seemed blue. Was that a sign?

And there he was, our beautiful, tiny, screaming baby George…
So my first blue is a very happy one! A little boy, a brother and our son.

But as you know, blue comes in all shapes and sizes…
Although it is quite a standard procedure, a C-section still is surgery, and leaves you with a rather large wound-and scar, for that matter.. My entire body feels bruised and stiff and, well, blue.
If all goes well I will start feeling better soon, and I am so looking forward to that moment!
Oh and did I mention having the baby blues? The things that make me cry are countless… Watching my baby boy, not being able to carry my Alba for another five weeks or so, my husband running around to keep everybody happy (and sane), waking up every three hours to feed our little bird, my flabby tummy, Thinking about my husband going back to work and me having to take care of our two children ‘alone’ (such a responsibility…)this dreadful Dutch summer, my happy family visiting me in the hospital, our first family meal… But mostly happy stuff, which is good!
And finally, the lack in blue when it comes to baby clothes! As we did not know the sex of the baby (and we did not want to know when Alba was born, either) I just bought grey, white and neutral coloured clothes. But all of a sudden it feels strange not being able to change him into something blue every once in a while. Oh well, the things that keep you busy, being hormonal and all…

All in all, it has been a crazy, happy, tiring, joyous, roller coaster-like first two weeks.
But if you take my 24/7 view into account, things could be worse…

ps. He’s got the most beautiful blue eyes!!

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