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Every now and then you come across a style you either think you could master eventually, or you just wish you could ever come close to mastering.
Well, I think I found mine (at least, one of my favorites): Thefashionguitar.
I love the way Charlotte mixes all sorts of styles without focussing on one specific trend. She can look boyish in a dress, and chique in ripped jeans, and it all looks so effortless. Being a mommy herself, I know for a fact that she does look like that in ‘real life’ as well, which makes the blog extra cool as I know it’s not B*S. You know, the ones in which people go grocery shopping in evening gowns, wearing high heels that make Mount Everest look like a mere hill?
And the best thing about this website is that she also has a category which focusses on maternity! Being pregnant I checked that section pretty often, as I did not feel like investing a lot in maternity clothing and preferred to wear my own stuff as much as possible. And she mastered that art as well! At least, in my opinion.
So whenever I am in need of a little help or inspiration as to what to wear, pregnant or not, I turn to her. Her personal, every day blog is quite fun as well, and you can also shop her wardrobe!
Ok, I’ll admit it: I am having a little fashion crush…

ps. Needless to say: The website offers me lots of advice on what to take and wear during our travels as well!



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