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Yep, I’ve been gone quite a while…
I guess adjusting to our new life was harder than I thought (and hoped, for that matter)! But as they say, all beginnings are hard, and we are just getting past this new beginning named baby George.

Isn’t is strange that you tend to forget about those first tough months? The sleepless nights, the endless feedings, the piles of dirty diapers, the nonexistence of ‘me’ time, the fights caused by nothing more than exhaustion, the cramps, the crying at night… I must admit I am finding it pretty hard sometimes. Especially because little Alba needs her share of attention too and I feel guilty all the time for not being able to give her that when she asks for it. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy and grateful, but sometimes I feel like being locked up in a posh jail, literally looking at life outside through the window while not being able to actually go out and join. Most of the time because I am just too tired, but also because at least one of the kids is sleeping, eating, or needs a diaper change. And it does not help that summer seems to have left us…
The good thing though, is that we are therefore finally looking at options for our belated summer holiday! George will be strong enough to endure a (long) trip, and by the time fall really kicks in we will be somewhere else, enjoying some much needed family time. But where to go? Somewhere sunny? I would definitely vote for that. But taking long family strolls in a nice Indian summer does sound appealing too, don’t you think? Or maybe we should go up the mountain for some fresh air and first snow of the season?
So the big question is: where shall we go, sun or snow?


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