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Call me old fashioned, but nothing beats an actual photo album with actual, printed photographs, now does it? Even as a kid, I loved the ugly blue one my mom made for me, with the slightly faded pictures and comments (yes, handwritten), lovingly glued and taped to the thick leaves. Now I know it’s 2015 and I know there are all sorts of programs on my computer and even companies to make these albums for me, but I felt I owed it to my kids to try and make them an old school album.

A long quest for a nice album made me realize there is no such thing: every book I came across was either ugly, way too colorful or very childish. That is, until I ‘bumped’ into Sloane Stationery: a wonderful brand based in London. Although very expensive, I thought I might give it a try and ordered two albums and two little notebooks to write down funny quotes and actions by both George and Alba. Thanks to my post pregnancy dementia I had totally forgotten about my order until I received a huge box with four wonderfully packaged gifts… Alba was not interested one bit, but I am sure she will thank me later. Go check it out!

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