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Big day for our toddler! She is switching beds… From cot to her very own (and verrrry grownup to me) bed!
As simple as it may seem, we have been looking for a nice bed for ages. Most of them are either still very small, very ‘new’, or very goofy. Why is it that hard to fix a kid a nice, simple bed?
Thing is, we wanted to find the perfect bed. Not too small, not too big, but still big enough for one of us to fit in as well for those nights when she is either ill or awake and wants us to be close. I have been sitting on the cold floor in the dark far too many times and when my sister in law came up with this very simple solution we were so happy. Why hadn’t we thought of that ourselves?
Ok, back to the bed. We finally decided to use an antique family bed, paint it, et voilá!

So: why is this worth an entire blog?
Because it marks a new era for us.
I still hardly dare to say (or write, for that matter) it out loud, but George is finally, FINALLY sleeping at night… In fact, he does not wake until 6 AM. Now as early as that may seem, to us this is heaven, as we have been awake every two hours until we decided to hire a gentle sleep coach. And it worked!! We still have to tackle his daily naps as it is impossible to put him down while he is still awake, so I am still getting my free exercise, but this is such a big accomplishment for us. We have been coaching him for the last three weeks and it is finally paying off; partly because we have been (trying to be) very consistent, but mainly because of the effort of our coach. She is wonderful! So motivating, understanding, patient and supportive. And reachable 24/7! So even in my darkest hours she responded to my messages almost immediately and made me calm down and start over again and again.
And so we feel that finally a new era is starting to arrive. Or, to quote the guru of Gentle Sleep Coaching, Kim West (no, not that Kim West): there is sleep at the end of the tunnel. We can start thinking about moving baby George out of our bedroom and into his own, which he will share with his big sister. Which, again, may seem as a small step to mankind, but a huge leap in our family… So happy!




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