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Our boy turned 1 last weekend. One year old! And as cliche as it might sound: time DOES fly.

It made me sit back and think about all that happened last year. My not-so-smooth pregnancy, the last minute decision to deliver via C-section (again!), the horrible first months, the sleepless nights (I lost count but I can narrow it down to six months…), our intense sleep training, the fact that he refuses to eat most of the time. But, at the very same time, our ecstatic joy when it turned out to be a boy, his perfectness, his cute first smiles, the way he relaxed once he finally learned how to fall asleep by himself, his chuckles and the way he adores his big sister. So many emotions!
My cousin once told me that it is obligatory to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. Not just because of the baby, but also because you have made it through the first year as a couple. And boy, do we agree…
So I decided to go all out: balloons, a huge cake and monkeys all around. The sun was shining, the weather was easy, our birthday boy was a happy camper and we had a great time!
So far, so good- I am a very happy momma.


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