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While searching for Alba and George’s outfits for my brother’s upcoming wedding, I came across many different brands and styles. And it actually proved rather difficult to find something that is both elegant and comfortable… As the wedding will be in France, I wanted to find something that fits in those surroundings, thus being soft pastels, a flowy and dreamy dress for Alba and a classic outfit for little George. But where to start?
I don’t particularly like the big chain stores (ok not totally true, as I am in love with HEMA and I buy certain basics at H&M) so I searched many little boutiques, both online and actual stores.
And then I suddenly remembered this little store in Amsterdam: Pili Carrera.
So I called them to make an appointment and was met by a lovely lady, Sarah. Together we discussed the wedding and every detail, and she went out of her way to advise me and show me all the different options. What a treat! It turned out that Pili Carrera is actually quite a large company, with stores worldwide; grandmother Pili started knitting little socks in 1963 for her own family and the rest is history… The company is still family owned and every item is made and produced in Spain, while only using the softest materials and focussing on excellent quality. While visiting their Amsterdam shop you feel extremely special and looked after, and Sarah explained that this is one of their main points of attention: customer service. If needed, they can even close down the entire store so you can discuss your quest and event in detail and search for the perfect outfit(s).

I finally decided on a perfect outfit for George to go with his dark blue linen pants (by Club Cinq): a beautiful white linen shirt and a light grey knitted cardigan. Alba has her outfit for the wedding ceremony ready, but I bought her this gorgeous colorful dress and two ribbons for the party the day before the actual wedding.
One thing is absolutely certain: I love this store and their brand(s)… And I will be back soon!
Go visit!

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