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While searching for Alba and George’s outfits for my brother’s upcoming wedding, I came across many different brands and styles. And it actually proved rather difficult to find something that is both elegant and comfortable… As the wedding will be in France, I wanted to find something that fits in those surroundings, thus being soft pastels, a flowy and dreamy dress for Alba and a classic outfit for little George. But where to start?

Curacao part II-2016

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Surprise surprise… I won again! We wanted to get out of the grey, cold weather and go somewhere warm, peaceful and familiar, because of the baby and horrible lack of sleep. So: Curacao. Where else?

As I have written about this beautiful island before, I won’t bore you with the same details again, but I did want to share our new finds! So for the general info, please read my original Curacao blog.


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Since baby George was born in July, we never really got to go on a summer holiday- not taking into account our Tel Aviv trip in May, that is. We were all longing for some sun, but as the first few months proved to be more difficult than we had hoped, we simply could not decide where or when to go. And when we both finally reached the point where we could not even stand up straight anymore because of all the sleepless nights, autumn had spread across Europe…

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