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While searching for Alba and George’s outfits for my brother’s upcoming wedding, I came across many different brands and styles. And it actually proved rather difficult to find something that is both elegant and comfortable… As the wedding will be in France, I wanted to find something that fits in those surroundings, thus being soft pastels, a flowy and dreamy dress for Alba and a classic outfit for little George. But where to start?

Curacao part II-2016

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Surprise surprise… I won again! We wanted to get out of the grey, cold weather and go somewhere warm, peaceful and familiar, because of the baby and horrible lack of sleep. So: Curacao. Where else?

As I have written about this beautiful island before, I won’t bore you with the same details again, but I did want to share our new finds! So for the general info, please read my original Curacao blog.


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Exposing myself- and my family- by means of this blog is quite exciting. I mean, do people want to read about our travels, my suggestions and daily ramblings? Is it interesting? I guess that is the risk you take when sharing your life stories and events…

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